A young man met with an accident while riding a bike in Singapore. The youth was injured in the accident and fell on the road and fainted. There was no one else on the street at the time of the accident. But at the same time, the watch around the youth’s wrist became active and his life was saved. Let’s find out exactly what happened after the accident.

According to Mirror UK, 24-year-old Muhammad Fitri was riding his bike. Then a van hit Mohammed’s bike. Mohammed then fell off the bike onto the road. Mohammed fainted after being injured in the incident. No one was at the accident scene at the time. The van after hitting him feld from the spot. So there was no one to take the injured Mohammed to the hospital.

But at the same time, the Apple Watch around the Mohammad’s wrist became active and it tracked Fitri’s movements. Mohammed’s body was paralyzed after he was knocked unconscious on the road by a van. The smart watch tracked his movements. Then Apple Watch called the emergency service through automatic programming. Not only that, the watch also sent alerts to some of Fitri’s private contact numbers.

The Apple Smartwatch recorded the teen’s traumatic situation. When the youth did not move for a long time, he dialed the emergency service and private contact number himself. Thus, after the accident, the Singapore Civil Defense Force reached the spot and immediately rushed Fitri to the hospital. He was treated on time and his life was saved. According to reports, a new feature mode has been introduced in the fourth series of Apple Smartwatch. Along with Apple, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 also has an emergency calling feature. Modern technology has brought the world together. In the same way, it has been proven that this technology has saved the life of a young man.

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