Samsung brings its Internet Browser app to the Galaxy Watch 4

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 4, it promised some “exclusive” apps thanks to the new Wear OS 3 built in collaboration with Google. In the meantime, some of those apps that we thought would be exclusive to Wear OS 3-powered smartwatches made it to older models too.

However, being the first device to operate on a brand-new OS has some disadvantage too, such as the fact that many apps aren’t compatible. When it comes to browsers, there aren’t too many options available for Galaxy Watch 4, which is why Samsung focused on working to bring users one of the solutions possible, its own mobile browser.

Samsung Internet 14 is now available for Galaxy Watch 4 (via TizenHelp). The new browser can be downloaded through the Google Play Store directly from your watch or from your phone. Just make sure you click on the “Available on more devices” option and tap the install button to download the app to your Galaxy Watch 4.

Obviously, it’s not the most convenient way to browse the internet due to the smartwatch’s small display, but the option is there for you to use if there’s no other alternative, and that’s a great thing.

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