Already Apple’s digital payment system operates from the Wallet — or Wallet app, as translated in the iOS update 15. You can add your credit card already registered to your iCloud account — as long as it’s compatible with the system, of course — or another one, if you prefer, to have the pay-by-pass service.

  • What is Apple Pay and how to use it
  • Which cards are accepted in Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay works on Apple smartphone models from the generation of the iPhone 6, and can also be activated on the Apple Watch (Series 1 model and later generations), which allows you to simply bring your smartwatch close to the card machine reader to make a payment.

    Payment by mobile approach via Apple Pay. Photo: Nathan Dumlao (Unsplash)

    Samsung Pay

    Unlike its competitors, Samsung Pay offers a number of additional features — in addition to the payment by approach via NFC on a Samsung Galaxy — working as a true digital account within the application, where you can make transfers, send bills, withdraw money, make deposits, and much more.

    • Samsung Pay now offers a digital account with an app for everyone
    • Get to know 3 features of Samsung Pay
    • In addition, Samsung Pay too offers a rewards program, through which you can redeem Samsung’s rewards and discounts — a digital payment service that is much more complete than those offered by its competitors in the digital payment method via NFC. As with Apple, the system also works on the company’s smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch (all generations) and Gear (Sport, S3 Classic and S3 Frontier).

      • What is Samsung Pay Mini

        Finally, Samsung also offers the Samsung Pay Mini service, an alternative to older devices that works as a QR Code scan-only payment system.

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