Motivation is an emotional state that is already present in you, but is ignited and extinguished from time to time. You often need motivation when making a decision.

Because you believe that you can only fulfill the responsibility of that decision or that job with the power within you. In order to do what you put your mind to do better, you first do research about it and learn what you need to do. This process gets you excited and the motivation is self-evident. But after a while, you may not feel as enthusiastic and motivated as before. In this case, all you need is a word that can motivate you. The words you need to keep your motivation high are now always with you.



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– Interactive Design
– 10X Top Line Color
– 10X Bottom Line Colors
– 19X Centre Bg Colors
– 52 Special Mottos
– 1X Customizable Shortcut
– 2X App Shortcuts (Weather, Samsung Health)
– Steps Count
– Battery Status
– Always on Display Mode

For best results, please clear the cache on the device before installing any watch faces.
To clear the cache; Reboot the device keeping hold the home button until “rebooting …” appears on the screen and release.
Set off the wi-fi connection if unused.
If you have any questions, you can contact me without hesitation.